Bob and Mary are in their mid-60s. Bob recently retired after a highly successful career as an orthopedic surgeon. Both in great health, they live a comfortable, active lifestyle. They realize that they won’t be around forever and want to determine the best way to distribute their assets among their six grandchildren when the time comes.


They want to make sure they plan for their legacy so the bulk of their assets will actually go to their grandchildren, not to taxes. They also want to make sure they set up a plan so their grandchildren, who are currently all teenagers, don’t lose their motivation to succeed.

They met with their Achieva Wealth Advisor, who had previously helped them with retirement planning. They discussed several options such as lifetime gifting and life insurance that would enable them to transfer assets tax free.

The advisor worked with Bob and Mary’s attorney to draft the documents and provide necessary legal guidance. Once the documents were signed, Bob and Mary could rest assured that their hard-earned wealth would likely continue to deliver results and protect their grandchildren once they were gone.


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