Legacy Planning

What is your financial legacy? What will your money say about you?



No one likes to think about the inevitable, but what do you want your financial legacy to be? Do you want to bequeath your wealth to a charitable organization or a school? To your children or grandchildren? And how do you do that exactly, without saddling others with a heavy tax burden or destroying a person’s motivation and drive?

We’ll work closely with you to develop a legacy management plan that minimizes your potential state tax liabilities* by implementing strategies both during your life and for when you’re gone.

Our legacy planning starts where your financial and retirement planning stops. Once we’re certain your current financial plan meets your goals for the rest of your life, we’ll help you determine what to do with the rest. We’ll examine various gifting strategies such as family limited partnerships and charitable remainder trusts to help ensure your legacy will be what you want it to be.


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